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Tutors Nirvana announced the winners of its first-ever contest on August 21st! Tutors, Adrianne Meldrum and Chava Adams, won $50 Amazon gift cards and will be featured in upcoming blog posts on Tutors Nirvana. They’re both in the loop and know what’s trending on Tutors Nirvana’s social networks. I thought I’d update the rest of you!


We’re sharing the best from our blog and tips on how Tutors Nirvana can work for you. From Creating Your Profile on Tutors Nirvana to Using Tutors Nirvana to Manage Your Time, we’re highlighting some of our best features for boosting your online presence and managing your time wisely.

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As tutors, we’re always thinking of creative ways to market ourselves, but I don’t know any North American tutors that have their own music videos. In Hong Kong, they do. We posted a link to The New York Times article on the celebrity status of Hong Kong’s tutors.

And everyone loves a good quote, especially when it comes from Johnny Depp or Captain Jack Sparrow!


Johnny Depp


If you’re not already on Twitter, you’re missing out! There are so many inspirational teachers and tutors out there. If you’re into EdTech, here are the tweeters to follow. Our new follower @WorldLillie is a travel blogger and teacher. She’s also created an amazing group for other education bloggers — Facebook Teachers Education Bloggers Group.


These are our top 2 pins!

So, it’s no secret that I’m an ESL tutor and I like idioms; remember my post on love idioms? Well, this body idioms infographic posted on MyEnglishTeach.eu’s blog  is a top re-pin on our boards.



And this one is also popular. Make a binder!

Photo credit: Mathtastrophe

Photo credit: Mathtastrophe

Thanks, Mathtastrophe, for the wonderful binder idea!


Tutors Nirvana’s LinkedIn group is only a month old, but already 25 members strong. Let’s keep it growing!

Top discussion: What do you bring to every tutoring session?  What’s is your tutoring toolkit….or bag of tricks?


The answers might surprise you. Tutors are prepared with everything from dominoes and geometry sets to iPads and spaghetti!


Come share with us in our social media networks! What do you want to see trending on Tutors Nirvana? Have an idea for a blog post? Share with us in the comments.


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