Tutors Nirvana Presents Tutoring 101

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Tutors Nirvana presented Tutoring 101 at the University of Victoria’s EdSA Fall Conference 2013 on September 21 and 22. The third annual conference hosted by the Education Student Association (EdSA)was titled EDTalks: Teaching Ideas that Matter, and featured workshops and lectures concerning a range of topics, including Exceptional Learners, Technology, and Professional Development. Tutors Nirvana delivered a  workshop in the Professional Development category titled Tutoring 101, and met with Education students to discuss what it takes to break into the tutoring world!

Tutors Nirvana presents Tutoring 101

 Trends in Tutoring

Tutoring is a booming industry. With cuts in education funding, and increased competition to get into top universities, there is a growing demand for tutors all over the world.  Currently, the US, Europe, and Asia make up 90% of the global tutoring industry, and by 2018 it is projected that tutoring will become a $102 billion dollar industry. Tutors in Hong Kong are millionaires with celebrity status, and in South Korea, Kim Ki-Hoon is bringing in $4 million a year by tutoring in private academies, selling lectures, and writing textbooks. The competition is so intense in Asia that students study day and night. Hong Kong tutor,Y.Y. Lam, explains it in this video clip.

Tutoring 101

South Korean tutor, Kim Ki-Hoon, earns a whopping $4 million a year!

Breaking into the Tutoring Industry

Tutoring in Canada is a different ballgame, but there is still a high demand for qualified tutors. Education students and qualified teachers are sought after by parents and students who are keen to invest in education and their futures. What does it take to become a tutor? How do I find students? What about scheduling and finances? Where can I find tutoring resources? New tutors have a couple options.

 Join a tutoring agency

-  They do the marketing  and find you students.

–  They set your schedule and curriculum.

–  They send invoices to students and parents.

–  They take 30 – 50% of your tutoring fee.


Start your own tutoring business

-  Marketing is all up to you!  Set up a Facebook Business Page; join Twitter; start a blog; or make some fliers. Never underestimate the      power of word-of-mouth, and networking – make connections with teachers and principals!

– Set your own schedule. Use Google Calendar, iCal, or Tutors Nirvana to keep track of your lessons and plan your time.

– Create your own invoices and  manage your tutoring finances with these tools.

– Create your own tutoring resources or find some tutor/teacher bloggers to follow.

(The Tutor House, Tutors NirvanaTeacher2Teacher)

Tutors Nirvana presents Tutoring 101

Education students brainstorming – “What would it take to run a successful tutoring business?’

Tutoring is an Ideal Job for Students & Graduates

Make a Buck between Classes….or whatever else you’ve got on the go!

*    Schedule tutoring sessions around your classes and other activities

*   Hone your teaching skills and gain work experience in the Education field

*   Be your own boss

*   Set your own rate

*   Develop Entrepreneurial skills

Join a Tutors’ Community

Tutors Nirvana is about supporting tutors.  In concluding Tutoring 101 at the University of Victoria’s EdSA Fall Conference 2013, Tutors Nirvana announced the creation of a tutors’ community in Victoria, BC for exchanging  ideas and tutoring resources. The tutors group will meet up once a month, and meetups will be posted on Tutors Nirvana’s Facebook Page.  All Victoria tutors are welcome to join us!

Tutors Nirvana presents Tutoring 101

Tutors Nirvana’s Founder, Vaibhav Athavaria

Tutors Nirvana provides comprehensive and user-friendly software to build, manage, and grow private tutoring businesses. Are you an amazing tutor looking to build your business? Tutors Nirvana has a load of great resources that might just be what you are looking for!  Start with your  FREE online profile in the open marketplace. And if you’re looking for new tutoring ideas and inspiration, check out Tutors Nirvana on Pinterest.

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