From Super Mom to Super Tutor: Meet Adrianne Meldrum

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Adrianne Meldrum, a stay-at-home mom turned super tutor, is one of the winners of Tutors Nirvana’s August Contest! She’s a dedicated tutor that is not only committed to helping her students excel, but also to helping other tutors grow their tutoring businesses. Here’s her story, as told to Tutors Nirvana (TN).

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Adrianne Meldrum, The Tutor House, Idaho

TN: Where are you from and which subjects do you tutor?

Adrianne: I’m from Boise, Idaho and I tutor mostly math and some reading. I love tutoring math!

TN: How did you get involved with tutoring?

Adrianne: Eight years ago, I had made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom, which I love, but I was starting to feel like my brain was dripping out of my ears! My sister suggested that maybe I should start tutoring and the rest is history!

TN: How long have you been tutoring?

Adrianne: I’ve been tutoring for 8 years!

TN: What is the most rewarding aspect of being a tutor?

Adrianne: I love seeing my students glow at their success after they’ve taken a hard test at school. It’s exciting to be up close and watch the moment when something clicks for them.

TN: What insight or tutoring tips would you like to share with other tutors?

Adrianne:  Remember that it takes time to build a clientele. The better tutor you are, the more referrals you’ll get. Parents love to brag and share what’s working for their children. Make sure to dedicate time to making yourself a better tutor! And keeping a budget is essential! I allow myself to buy quality resources every September. One way I keep it all under control is by making a budget and setting aside money for resources and materials. Here’s a link to my tutor budget freebie!


To learn more about  Adrianne Meldrum or to inquire about her tutoring services, you can contact her here.


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