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Profile_SnapshotSo, you’ve decided to make your life easier and have signed up for Tutors Nirvana. Tutors Nirvana is a comprehensive online software that automates your tutoring business. It offers powerful tools including a customizable profile to market your tutoring services. Read on to find out how to create your FREE online tutoring profile, which will be listed in our open marketplace!

1. Register and Choose your Domain Name

Once you’ve registered here, you’ll choose your domain name. This is your unique URL. It’s best to keep it simple and professional.  If you have a name for your tutoring business this should be your domain name.  Alternatively, you may want to use your own name.  Your students will visit your profile to contact you or login to their profiles, so it’s best to keep it simple and memorable.

After filling out your basic information, you’ll be prompted to complete the steps below.

2. Choose a Picture

Students are more likely to contact you, if they are able to put a face to your name.  Upload a high-resolution photograph that is professional, but at the same time shows your personality.  This isn’t your passport photo – smile!

3. Complete Each Section

About Me: This is your introduction.  What is your tutoring approach?  How long have you been tutoring? Why do you enjoy teaching? This is your hook, so make it interesting!

Education: Add your most relevant and recent education.  Here you can list your degrees and certificates.  If you are still a student, list the degree that you are working towards.

Education/Experience:  This is optional, but you may want to list pertinent tutoring or teaching experience.

Subjects:Students and parents want to know what you tutor.  List the subjects and levels that you teach here.

Tutoring Fee: How much do you charge?  Some tutors charge by the hour while others charge a weekly/monthly rate.  This is the place to state your fee structure.

Additional: Do you offer a free trial lesson?  Do you take referrals?  Where do you teach? Do you teach via Skype? This is your additional information.

4. Add your Blog and Online Profiles

Although this section is optional, if you have a tutoring blog you’ll want to list it here.  There is also space to add your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles.  And you can also link to your Tutors Nirvana profile from your other sites.  This is great for marketing and boosting your credibility!  Students and parents will be able to get to know you better through your other networks and then they’ll be motivated to make initial contact.


If you still have questions about setting up your profile, post them in the Forum or contact us at We look forward to getting to know you.


Bonus: If you create your FREE profile before August 21st, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, and leave a comment in our Forum, you’ll be entered in our first-ever contest to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


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About Amy Penner

I've worked in the education sector for over 7 years in Asia, and am currently an ESL tutor and communications consultant in Victoria, British Columbia. When I'm not blogging or preparing for my next lesson, you'll find me running by the ocean.