The Ultimate Tutor Giveaway

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Alright guys, you gotta check this out. We’ve partnered up with Adrianne over at The Tutor House to offer up an amazing giveaway. The contest runs from Friday January 24th until February 2nd and it only takes a few minutes to enter…Click here.

 …check out these awesome prizes!

Wacom Tablet

This is the very same tablet that Sal Khan uses….come on, that’s pretty much brilliant.

Free 6-Month Subscription to Tutors Nirvana

Tutors Nirvana is an online software that helps you schedule students, collect payments, keep track of spending, give you a place to list your tutor business, and SO much more!

We’re a bit bias, so don’t take our word for it. But hear what other tutors are saying about the software…

 “Tutors Nirvana is an amazing website. The attention to detail of the design , and structure of this site is immaculate. One of the few things I look for being a tutoring business owner , is an excellent customer support staff , great site design and a host of features to services the needs of clients (potential and current).

You have the ability to invoice your clients , provide them with session notes and material , schedule lessons and even send reminders. There are so many features that the list is endless. Not only are you presenting yourself as a professional individual by joining this site. You are saving paper , and saving time. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is currently running , or planning on starting their tutoring business.”  

–Breanna Clifton of Bee Smart Scolars

Check out the video below to learn more about the software, meet the founders, and see why they started Tutors Nirvana in the first place!

Language Arts Resource Pack for Tutors

Tutors from all across the internet have donated their ebooks and unique curriculum for the language arts. Check out this post for a detailed peek.

The Ultimate Tutor Business Pack

Adrianne is the clever mind behind the Tutor House and she has developed some pretty great resources to help get your tutoring business off the ground. She’s generously donating 3 ebooks that she has written including 35 Ideas to Market Your Tutoring Business and 100 Facebook Status Updates. In addition, Victoria from The Tutoress is giving up her ebook Become a Private Tutor. You can meet Victoria and Adrianne in the video below.

Check out this post for more details about The Ultimate Business Tutor Pack!

Ready to win some amazing prizes? Click here to get started!


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