5 of the Coolest Apps for Tutors, Right Now!

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It can be more than a little overwhelming browsing through the Apple App store. With over 350,000 apps for the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch to sort through, where do you even start? Personally, I’m a big fan of apps that help me to stay organized and that can add some cool functionality to daily tasks. As an educator and tutor, there are some fantastic apps out there to do just that. Here are 5 that I use regularly.

1. Evernote

As described by the app’s developers – Evernote is “an extension of your brain.” This app comes very handy in a teachers’ busy life as it allows us to create notes, take photos, and record audio wherever we are. Notes, snapshots and recordings in your Evernote instantly synchronize from your iPad or iPhone to your computer.

How can you use it?

  • Record your ideas and thoughts to remind later
  • For research
  • Capture ideas for your blog/lessons
  • Students can use it for class notes
  • 2.Expedition

    An app that turns your ipad into it’s very own VGA, Composite, Component out Web Browser. By allowing you to display your browser/web on a TV, projector or interactive whiteboard directly from your ipad. Say goodbye to those clunky projectors once and for all.

    How can you use it?

  • Do presentations from your iPad
  • Display something from the web to your class/group
  • Display video on a browser
  • Explain and demo how to use software or other online application
  • 3. Tuneinradio

    Plays and records radio with no wi-fi. This is a great resource for anyone learning a new language.  I’m been teaching myself Hindi for close to two years and this app has helped me tremendously with building vocabulary and improving pronunciation. A perfect tool to incorporate listening and pronunciation activities into your lesson plans for language learning.

    How can you use it?

  • Teach/learn vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Provide stimulating and rehearsing communicative situations to be encountered outside the language classroom
  • Students can listen to radio at anytime and anywhere
  • Record radio programs to listen to later
  • 4. QuickVoice Recorder

    A super simple, easy to use voice recorder. Much better than the build in voice recorder that comes standard on the iphone.  Plus you can sync the recordings to your computer to be added to files, notes, or presentations.

    How can you use it?

  • Record ideas, voice memos, voice emails, or classes
  • Carry out dictations
  • Ask your students to record comments, answers to questions, interviews, role-plays, and pronunciation exercises
  • 5. iAnnotate PDF

    This app is a PDF reader and annotation tool. You can open documents from your email, enter notes, draw diagrams, copy text, stamp, bookmark and highlight or underline just by dragging your finger. Plus, it’s easy to sync with your desktop.

    How can you use it?

  • Set up collaborative writing projects
  • Students can add notes or comments on the PDFs

    What are the apps that you use on a regular basis? Let’s start a conversation.


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